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Ferg's old timers Page

-Endless Summer Days
-Del Mar Days
-Big O, Marina Del Rey
-Apple Skate Park
-Ramp Days
-K-zoo History
-Fossil Night G.R.
-Bruce Hanson's Pics
-Cosmic Waves

-More Cosmic Waves
-Old Tee Shirts & Stuff
-Videos Dude Ramp & Endless Summer



Warning: this page will contain people riding 10 inch wide boards and wearing safety equipment. I apologize for the discomfort this may cause some skaters. Most photos by Davo Scheich, snap shots by Ferg Commentary by Bill Fergusson. When it says "I"  it's ME

Hey Got Any Good Old Photo's? Email'em to Me and I'll post them.  szinfo@skatezoo.com