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Pool Days 79-85 Apple Skatepark Columbus ,Ohio

Egg other side

egg bowl apple skatepark. cool channel jumps 1979

Ferg Riding the Beast From the East in the 6 foot Key

Ferg, Yes this is a backside air

Ferg Layback Air on the Beast & in the Egg. this thing had quick trans and 2 feet of vert..

11 year old Jex Harrison dropping in to the 6 foot

I still have the Beast. very cool

FAT not PHat

Kevin Chinchar rolling in to the half

Chris Yandall rolling in the bowl.....Get it Yandall bowl Rolls. those over 35 might get it.

Shawn Scott. off of the extension.

6 foot keyhole

Apple skatepark Columbus Ohio, the smoothest cement halfpipe ever made. extensions were 15 feet

Spike Blauvelt bailing

Ferg Invert Halfpipe.  Borrowed board and tee shirt in hopes of getting sponsored. Photo Kevin tate

Spike could bail this backside as well

Jex rolling out . Ron and Jerry stand in the deck. they were the Co-Owners of Endless Summer Skatepark. god bless em!

Ahh yes  Photo-gray lenses. I think i got contacts right after I saw this photo. Those things never did really lighten up indoors.

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