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These are photos that have been emailed to me for posting. Please feel free to do the same.
Hey Got Any Good Old Photo's? Email them to Me and I'll Post Them.

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Pat Shutte  He Wrote:
Came across this one in a basement box. Circa 1980. I don't know what was more dangerous, stealing the wood from a nearby construction site to build it or the damn nails that would pop up out of the plywood. I've still got a shitload of scars from that ramp.
Ramp: Todd Cadieux's back yard, Rochester, Mich. 8 foot wide, maybe a foot of vert on full sheet of flat. Metal cope. Board: Powell Ray Rodriguez Trucks: Indy 169s Wheels: Variflex, C3s
Trick: Learning 'mini' frontside R&R boardslides.
Added style points: Sweats under the shorts! (right)

x skate zoo employee Andy "ralph" Rogers now Grosse Point Farms, MI. Law enforcement chair jump port huron demogpfcar.jpg (23912 bytes)
You have at least one on your side

Davo on snow mount Brighton Utah Feb 1997 check him out http://www.davo.com

MIke Cox Wind Waves and Wheels Rockford Mi. 1984 I'm guessing 
 Mike is now A Burton Snowboard Rep in Grand Rapids Michigan

Ken Park Trashmore ramp Va. Beach. Photo by Davo
Mank3.jpg (19019 bytes)
Brian Mank Lambertville Oh. 1983 ish
Photos: Andy from Toledo
Mank4.jpg (30389 bytes)
Mank same time, same board, better bandana

Greg Fadell Airborne Sk8prk Roseville mi. 1997

Joe bowers emailed this and wrote:

"Ray Underhill sent me this gem from the Johnson City contest. I believe Gator, McGill and Roskopp were judging this run."

GloHole2.jpg (41414 bytes)

Glory2.jpg (26523 bytes)

JoeGlory2.jpg (16547 bytes)

The first pic, (glohole.jpg) is a Dept. of Reclamation photo of theMonticello Dam, home of the infamous Glory Hole. Note the beginning of the spillway pipe at the upper left of the photo. The scale can be seen by comparing the size of the spillway opening to the cars on the road on the left edge of the picture. The exit of the spillway pipe (the skateable part) can be seen directly above the letter "y" in the word "Courtesy" at the bottom of the photo. As you can see, the pipe extends back about 200-300 feet below the lake, and then bends upward to poke out the top. An incredible skating experience.The second pic, (glory.jpg) is a picture from the third pipe section insidethe Glory Hole, looking out toward Putah Creek (the creek that runs outfrom the lake). It gives a nice sense of the sheer scale of the pipe, which is pretty freaking big. 30' diameter. Suh-weet.The second photo is just one of me, circa 1989 (I think), just hitting vert in the Glory Hole. Note the cool Jimmy'Z shorts and Kevin Staab deck w/clear griptape. Damned hip, I say. I'll go through the old scrapbooks and see if I've got any more old snaps for your page.
Joe Griego Tehachapi, CA

clown2sm.jpg (26551 bytes)
He Wrote Here's two photos from the Clown Ramp in Dallas, TX circa 1985. The skater may be Craig Johnson, but you can see Jeff Phillips onthe left. It's been so long I forgot the names.

clownsm1.jpg (24244 bytes)
These were sent to me By Mike Lowry .
Also the Clown Ramp Dallas Tx.1985
Home of the Big Boneless

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