Dave Andrecht 1980 Endless Summer Demo /w Ted Terrebone on  Hand

I think thats Ted's Hand Right there.

Andrecht at Skateboard Usa the same few Days
The Ominous 12.5 deep Keyhole

Andrecht-Andrecht Skateboard Usa

Andrecht with Kevin Tate In the Bottom of the Pool

DA fakie ollie USA

Bruce Hansen Endless Summer 1980

Bruce Hansen Endless

Bruce 2003 at the Modern Skatepark Grand Rapids
Yes, that is the same helmet

Earl Watson
This guy was one of the craziest people i have ever met.
So crazy I still can't believe some of the stuff he said and did. 

Bill Munk on the Bowman

Ward-the wonder years

Don "the Animal" Seracki -Endless

Surprising this isn't a nut shot.
Ward Cramer

Doug Anne also on the Bowman

Doug Anne'

The Crew
Ferg, Don Seracki, Rob McCullough, Graham McCullough, Spike

Bill Munk Endless

Steve Olson Skateboard USA Demo

Steve Olson Skateboard USA Demo. Pete Cole with the cowboy hat on

Steve Olson Skateboard USA Demo

Grisham , Rad Fakie Ollie- Endless

Spike At USA before the Coping was Mysteriously damaged

Spike "Mike" Blauvelt , Jex harrison Looking on

Spike "Mike" Blauvelt dirt stash
Shawn Snow scoping the Mag

El Gato Endless Demo
El EL Gato Endless Demo
Smack POP all on connection trucks.