Warning: this page will contain people riding 10 inch wide boards and wearing safety equipment. I apologize for the discomfort this may cause some skaters
Most photos by Davo Scheich, snap shots by Ferg Commentary by Bill Fergusson. When it says "I"
  it's ME

Hey Got Any Good Old Photo's? Email'em to Me and I'll post them.

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Pool Days 1979-84-ish  Endless Summer Skatepark,  Roseville, Michigan

The Endless Summer Kidney. Big transitions for those days. Great once you got the pump down. Goofy footers hated it. T. Stahl Getting in line. We waited in line like nice boys to take our runs. Snakes sucked.

Ferg, Backside air. 1st El Gato Variflex board. It had concave! 

Ferg Slamming in the Old Keyhole. A very gnarly pool, but we didn't know any better. Schooner shoes (Sears). Basketball knee pads, Sims Lonnie Toft board , Alva Flat back, Lazer trucks and 2 big Power Pivots (skid Plates). Christmas 1978. I still have it. The pictures below are  new.

Jex Harrison flying out of the Peanut bowl. I cut my chin in this sucker and got about 20 stitches.

My Lonnie Toft board pictured above. You can still see the Lazer truck outlines 

Ahhhh Pizza deck (grip tape). My thumb remembers it well. I am glad this stuff went bact to where it came from.

Ferg, Andrecht 

The cool thing about this picture it the people in the Background
Starting Left. Paul Hugison, Kieth Claudie, Bill Sorenson, Rob McCullough, Doug Bashaw, Robs cousin Mandy, Paula Flanagan

Ferg Frontside Invert early 81 photo Kevin Tate

Spike (Captain Pike) Blauvelt. Tapping out on his Sims Lamar

Ferg, Nose Grab on the first free board i ever got. prototype Steve Hirsch model, Connection trucks and X-Wheels

Steve Hirsch Invert ES Demo Summer 81 tour

Freddie Desoto Endless Summer. Freddie Ripped everything.
by Scott Freakbro

Eric Grisham Big Air Straight in at ES. Pro Skater Style
by Scott Freakbro

Steve Hirsch Layback Air ES Demo Summer 81 tour 
by Scott Freakbro

Lance Mountain Endless Summer, Still Am 1981 Variflex tour 
by Scott Freakbro

Jay Brentlinger from Toledo. now living in Florida

Ferg Tap

Paula, Shawn Snow, Danforth , Ferg w/ Lance Mountain Variflex board

Ferg, Frontside rock Endless

unknown es local, endless summer roseville mi. 1979

Bill Fergusson early summer of 1980. I just learned Andrecht inverts.
 Home made deck with Lazer trucks and pizza deck. good knee pads. Endless summer 1980
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